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Earn Linden Dollars by teleporting around Second Life

Explore Second Life and earn free Linden Dollars at the same time. Teleport from Traffic Cone to Traffic Cone and earn free Second Life Money at each place that you visit!

You start at any Traffic Cone

You find Traffic Cones at countless locations around Second Life. The Traffic Cones are connected to each other. Touch any Traffic Cone to start your cone journey.

You teleport to the next Traffic Cone

You will get directed to the next Traffic Cone inside the network. Find the Traffic Cone at target location. Touch the cone and follow the instructions.

You earn Linden Dollars

After staying a while on the land around the cone, you will get your Linden Dollar revenue. The linden dollars will be transferred to your Second Life account instantly.

Linden Dollar (L$) is the own currency of the virtual world Second Life. Linden dollar is virtual money that has a countervalue in US dollar, the exchange rate depends on suply and demand. Bletaverse Traffic Cones pay out Linden Dollars instantly that you can use to buy other things or exchange to US Dollars.

Find new places

Prepare yourself for an exciting journey around Second Life where you can discover new places every day. The Traffic Cones get you to many locations that you probably would not find. You will meet new people at the Traffic Cones, any maybe you will even find new friends.

Earn free Lindens

Earn free linden dollars at each Traffic Cone inside the network. Traffic Cone pay out L$ instantly after passing the waiting time. In addition, the Top 3 Traffic Cone Jumpers of the day win extra money!

Beat the highscore

Thousands of people use the Traffic Cones daily. Join the competition and become the Top Traffic Cone jumper!

There are different types of Traffic Cones for different topics of places. You can choose which network you want to travel by starting your journey a cone that belongs to the network.

Network Description Wait time ∅ Payout ∅
General Uncategorized places 6 min 10 sec 2.1 L$
Adult Adult places 6 min 20 sec 2.1 L$
Woman Places for women 6 min 0 sec 2.0 L$
Man Places for men 6 min 0 sec 2.0 L$
Skill Games Places with skill games 10 min 34 sec 3.6 L$

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Alternatively, you can choose a cone to start from the Highscore list.

Top 50 Traffic Cones

Win extra money daily!

The top 3 jumpers of the day win extra money!

Are you a landowner?

Put a Traffic Cone on your land an receive new visitors daily!