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An emancipated, observing, noncomformistic woman, created sims based on stories of reality, together with my Rose, a loyal team of Palazzo members, effording for a commonwealth of SL on http://www.flickr.com/photos/terryjeantrevellion/
09:37 AM
Tuesday, 27 Aug 2013
231 days ago
Teleport Clubdancers
In a shady hotel,
As Rose and me like on a time
Saturday, 24 Aug 2013
234 days ago
Guards II
Teleport Guards II
[13:53] Rose Trevellion (rose.glanz): dag lieverd kuss
[13:53] Rose Trevellion (rose.glanz): KKZ
[13:54] Rose Trevellion (rose.glanz): mmmmmmmmmm lief
[13:54] Rose Trevellion (rose.glanz): daaaaaag
[13:54] TerryJean Trevellion: kkz
[13:54] Rose Trevellion (rose.glanz): kkz
[13:54] Rose Trevellion (rose.glanz) is offline.

Our dearest guard for many years.
234 days ago
Teleport Guards
Rose and me are admitted to the guards
A selective group in our group
with more powers
235 days ago
Teleport Provisoric
The benches are for maintanance
We can sit here.
Do what we like
Play the organ by Rose and Nanie prays for her village....
235 days ago
Teleport Shopping
Attachable chairs
cute camping chairs, to take you anywhere a seat.
235 days ago
235 days ago
Teleport Shopping
On a swing
Ohhh great!
be a kid, once...and never get old!
235 days ago
Teleport Shopping
Nice gardencenter.
Nanie is here too.
I found this cute caravan...
235 days ago
love corner
love corner
So lovely, that some ppl show their affection for you,
In flowers, paintings and texts.
Inspiring to go on and be what you are....
Thursday, 22 Aug 2013
236 days ago
Visit Nathalie
Visit Nathalie
After a very busy day,
relaxing here on Nanies sim
she made this windowseat.
so cute....
Wednesday, 21 Aug 2013
237 days ago
As Rose is,
My loyal staff of Beatrice, Cha, Carmine and Petrov.

As this day passes as every day,
My birthday, in my life.
Ask my age, sweety,
Ask the beautyfull Geisha,
the image on Roses's great picture...
it will reveal.....
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  •  kit.boyd
    Happy birthday dear Terry...wishing you loads of healthy, loving and caring years to come...big hug xoxo
    Aug 21 at 11:46pm
  •  rose.glanz
    Happy Birthday darling....wish you all the best In the world, KKZ, your Rose xoxox
    Aug 22 at 01:36am
  •  jos.bland
    Happy birthday Terry..................hope you will have a nice day, Kisses of Jos xxx
    Aug 22 at 02:32am
  •  beatrice.bieler
    Sweet Terry, I hope you got a great birthday, kisses and shalom of Bea OXO
    Aug 22 at 02:56pm
Monday, 19 Aug 2013
240 days ago
Teleport Pink?
It curses in all the colours
Tuesday, 13 Aug 2013
245 days ago
Christmas Cabinet
Christmas Cabinet
You can not be too early
Thanks Belle!
Monday, 12 Aug 2013
246 days ago
Teleport love
[13:53] TerryJean Trevellion: cheers
[13:53] Rose Trevellion (rose.glanz): kussssssssssss
[13:53] Rose Trevellion (rose.glanz): kkz
[13:53] TerryJean Trevellion: kkz
[13:54] Rose Trevellion (rose.glanz): ik doe het licht uit in jouw slaapkamer en hou je vast tot je in slaap valt
[13:54] Rose Trevellion (rose.glanz): poef
[13:54] Rose Trevellion (rose.glanz): kussssssssssssssss

As it is
no more no less
Sunday, 11 Aug 2013
247 days ago
Called Lucille
Teleport Called Lucille
BB Kings's guitar.
His girl....
As Rose is mine and Nath also...
  •  rose.glanz
    Mmmmm so sweet Terry............ we are together for so long..........We can checkout any time we like But we will never leave...( parodie on Hotel California)
    Aug 11 at 01:51pm
  •  terryjean.trevellion
    Likes parodies and pistaches kkz Terry
    Aug 12 at 12:10pm
Wednesday, 7 Aug 2013
251 days ago
My last call
Teleport My last call
Here on the dancefloor with my Rose

This is my last call by Chris Rea,

Great sweet song....

251 days ago
Teleport Just.....
Rose and me
Listening to music like: Stand by me.
Dancing those cute 50ties dances.
251 days ago
Teleport Bogarts
Our old custom
Going out to Bogarts
With DJ AlexanderTG Gottesman
spinning romantic music....
Sunday, 4 Aug 2013
254 days ago
Teleport Then...
It ends for the day
as passed our memories
and the happy times, we had lived.
We go from place to place.
live together, with friends.
but it is.....Rose&Terry!
254 days ago
Teleport Inside
We continu
As Cha is left, Nanie drops by.
We got a quiet peaceful surrounding...
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