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An emancipated, observing, noncomformistic woman, created sims based on stories of reality, together with my Rose, a loyal team of Palazzo members, effording for a commonwealth of SL on http://www.flickr.com/photos/terryjeantrevellion/
11:45 PM
Friday, 18 Apr 2014
2 year ago
Teleport Windpropulsion.
The Dutch vessel called the Schokker is an unique boat built sturdy and
spacious. These boats were commissioned for the Royal Netherlands Navy in
the late 1800's as rescue vessels as well as fishing vessels and a drilling
ships. This is a North Sea Schokker. She is sturdy, lean and safe for
passengers at sea.
2 year ago
Teleport Steampropulsion
Complicated, detailed steampropulsion,
I love to watch it and the care to make it....
2 year ago
Teleport Steamtug
A stunning part of Dutch Harbour,
Where I noticed a Dixytown,
Complete with steamers, trainsand coalbarges.
All constructed in mesh.
By Analyse Dean
Thursday, 17 Apr 2014
2 year ago
On engine
Teleport On engine
Wind against
Great boat that Blandy
and a great skipper Bee...
2 year ago
Cosy cabin
Teleport Cosy cabin
Happy couple Bea and Jos and happy couple Rose and me,
A cosy cabin, a cosy boat, 'The Blandy"
2 year ago
2 year ago
Sailing with Bee
Teleport Sailing with Bee
on her Blandy, such cute name
and a lovely ship under Israeli flag
Wednesday, 16 Apr 2014
2 year ago
Partying with Kristy.
Teleport Partying with Kristy.
@Runaround Sues's 50's 60's Sock hop Rock'n roll[17:12] Kristy Belar: Hi
TerryJean Trevellion, good to see you today huggs
[17:12] ღJessicaღ (jessicasinger1): AQUARIA I LOVE YOUR DRESS
[17:13] ღJessicaღ (jessicasinger1): IM SO GOING TO GO THROUGH YOUR
[17:13] ღJessicaღ (jessicasinger1): LOL
[17:13] Kristy Belar: Hi Mambo Copperfield, good to see you today huggs
[17:13] TerryJean Trevellion: hello all ;)
[17:13] ღJessicaღ (jessicasinger1): HIYA TERRYJEAN WELCOME TO SUE'S
2 year ago
Sunday, 13 Apr 2014
2 year ago
Kissing rose
Kissing rose
Chatting and kissing
saying goodbye.....
[13:51] Rose Trevellion (rose.glanz): sweet dreams lieverd
[13:51] TerryJean Trevellion: kkz
[13:51] Rose Trevellion (rose.glanz): en morgen vroeg weer op
[13:51] Rose Trevellion (rose.glanz): kkz
[13:51] TerryJean Trevellion: welterusten
[13:51] Rose Trevellion (rose.glanz): ik hou ontiegelijk veel van jou
[13:52] Rose Trevellion (rose.glanz): welterusten
[13:52] Rose Trevellion (rose.glanz): daag lieverd
2 year ago
After a trip with the OP-6o and the Schokker, we are safely back at the
quayside. A barrel with candles and a bottle of seamansbrandy is waiting
for us...
2 year ago
OP-60 by night
OP-60 by night
Another way of sailing at Blake sea
Together we sail the fast OP-60 version
2 year ago
Living on the dock
Living on the dock
Sailors don't need much.
Live with their boat,
A key to rezz, what more?
Company of Rose and Caden placed a cuddlechair for us......great sailor
Saturday, 12 Apr 2014
2 year ago
Chatting with Caden
Chatting with Caden
About what?
Friday, 11 Apr 2014
2 year ago
Living on the beach
Living on the beach
13:56] Rose Trevellion (rose.glanz): ja.... mmmmmm hvj Terry
[13:56] TerryJean Trevellion: hou van je]
[13:57] Rose Trevellion (rose.glanz): daaaaag lieverd
[13:57] TerryJean Trevellion: kuss
[13:57] Rose Trevellion (rose.glanz): kusssssssssss
[13:57] Rose Trevellion (rose.glanz): KKZ
2 year ago
Living on the beach
Living on the beach
After a friendly IM converation with the owner, we are member of his group.
And....can live here..and sail our schokker from here at Blake sea....
Thursday, 10 Apr 2014
2 year ago
Lovely Islanda
Lovely Islanda
To go and depart
[13:55] Rose Trevellion (rose.glanz): mm ff bij jou..
[13:55] Rose Trevellion (rose.glanz): hier genieten we van lieverd
[13:57] Rose Trevellion (rose.glanz): Lieve kuss Terry
[13:57] Rose Trevellion (rose.glanz): was weer heerlijk
[13:57] Rose Trevellion (rose.glanz): slaap lekker straks
[13:58] Rose Trevellion (rose.glanz): daaaaaaaaaag
[13:58] Rose Trevellion (rose.glanz): Hou van jou
[13:58] Rose Trevellion (rose.glanz): Daaaaaaaaag
[13:58] Rose Trevellion (rose.glanz): KKZ
[13:58] Rose Trevellion (rose.glanz): xxxxxxx
[13:59] TerryJean Trevellion: is altijd leuk met jou
[13:59] TerryJean Trevellion: kkz schat
[13:59] Rose Trevellion (rose.glanz): dank je het is dat ook
2 year ago
In a cave
In a cave
A romantic place, Rose and me visited.
Called Sleepover.....
Yeaa great.
2 year ago
Lovely harbour
Lovely harbour
Where we moored the schokker, It just fits As we start our trip from here.
2 year ago
Technical problems
Technical problems
That happens so much. Getting experience in the engine as you can SL like
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