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An emancipated, observing, noncomformistic woman, created sims based on stories of reality, together with my Rose, a loyal team of Palazzo members, effording for a commonwealth of SL on http://www.flickr.com/photos/terryjeantrevellion/
12:44 AM
Saturday, 30 Nov 2013
244 days ago
There are more
Teleport There are more
Humans like us,
As the talmoed tells us: Save onw and save the world entire...

[11:28] Rose Trevellion (rose.glanz): nice shirt Honey....
[11:28] Rose Trevellion (rose.glanz): it is hanouka now
Friday, 29 Nov 2013
245 days ago
Dead end street
Teleport Dead end street
We 'r living in a dead end street, a song goes through my head,
While I kiss Rose, we are not,
Just the way back.....

245 days ago
Trevi fountain
Teleport Trevi fountain
We get wet,
but are happy,
throw a linden in the water!
Thursday, 28 Nov 2013
246 days ago
Teleport Sundown,
For Tirzah, the honour to light the first candle of the Menorah/
I am so happy, that we can do that.....
Wednesday, 27 Nov 2013
247 days ago
Teleport Dance!
It is feast,
The first dance is for us,
Cha and me,
We did it, darling......
247 days ago
Another year
Teleport Another year
With up and downs,
We managed to live this year,
and start our feast, Hanuka,
For all, we open up.....
247 days ago
Not 'Sinterklaas"
Teleport Not 'Sinterklaas"
Some buy dresses
Some want the dress with content.
He leaves for Spain over a week anyway, Bye!
Monday, 25 Nov 2013
250 days ago
Nothing works
Nothing works
Nothing rezzes
Nothing to do.
Saturday, 23 Nov 2013
251 days ago
This gesture,
Smoker, not died by a desease,
By another desease, a cancer, intolerance..
251 days ago
Found it
Found it
Left in a baththroom in our huge home.
It is Rose's. painting.
I made it long time ago,
For our house at Prize ville, called "La Vie en Rose"
It is a Klimt of 1917, destroyed in 1945.
Called: Friends,
It symbolizes Rose and me.
Thursday, 21 Nov 2013
253 days ago
be yourself
be yourself
I will, Tirzah.....
253 days ago
her message stays
her message stays
Written on the walls.....everywhere.
253 days ago
The end?
The end?
Never Iwil forget her,
What she did for us,
You saved me,
With your wisdom and it wasn't in vain......No

Thank you for all, saving my heritage,
I go back where I belong,
to the world entrire.....
  •  rose.glanz
    Omg Terry.........Tirzah belongs to us..., I have tried to help her.... . We keep peace with our soul , Shalom Tirzah.......Rose xxx
    Nov 22 at 12:23am
Wednesday, 20 Nov 2013
254 days ago
Safe home
Safe home
Fired up the fireplace,
Relax a bit, with a nice tune,
254 days ago
Sim maintainance
Sim maintainance
We got to return for simmaintance
getting darker,
The faithfull Bent is doing great,
and Rose likes it!
254 days ago
Getting dark
Getting dark
We wait here,
Rose has been crashed a lot.
Waiting and TP her up,
The window down for a better mouselook,
driving in speed 6 is max.
254 days ago
Curious things happen
Curious things happen
I notice a shoe and foot behind the car.
Look if Rose misses her foot,
254 days ago
Crashed a lot
Crashed a lot
The Cyclecar, the Alfa 2300, took different roads.
Now I try the Bentley. an easygoing car.
Its harder to drive with banlines close to the roads.
I don't see a lot less privatcars on this roads , pity...though...
254 days ago
Longtime ago, I drove the Cyclecar,
Specially dressed for it,
Vintage yes!
Glad i can do it....
  •  rose.glanz
    Had to go back to rl unfortunately Terry .. and. ..also internet connection disappeared darling....its back now..!KKZ Rose
    Nov 20 at 05:49am
254 days ago
from Rose,
Just happiness,
so heartwarming.....
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