Chanel Chajet

Lady ChaCha's Cha Cha Cha.

Smell life, Chanel nr 5, See it as a flirt, Tender hands on my shirt, Give you a kiss, a feeling, I miss, Sense of charm, blowing in so warm, Singing where I can, ChaNaNaNa, and dancing through life now and then.
02:59 PM
Tuesday, 26 Apr 2011
6 year ago
How is driving here?

How is driving here?

No banlines,
More secure simcrossings,
No annoying guided traffic,
No traffic at all,
Rezz zones not needed, auto return is 5 minutes,

Dis advantages,
the same roads,
no nice landscaping,
lot of ugly buildings.

But sure I wil make another trip here,
for speed adrenaline.....
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