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welcome to my page. i am here sometimes. don't forget to have fun
03:08 AM
Saturday, 11 Oct 2014
14 days ago
bike with my men ♥

he made this bike for us!

love ya teddybear ♥
Sunday, 6 Jul 2014
111 days ago
Saturday, 28 Jun 2014
119 days ago
our wedding
our wedding
i love you babeee forever and always♥
the best day of my life ♥
Wednesday, 25 Jun 2014
122 days ago
time together♥
saturday is our big day!
Tuesday, 17 Jun 2014
130 days ago
you feel like a little girl haha.
Monday, 9 Jun 2014
138 days ago
nothing more to add ♥
Tuesday, 3 Jun 2014
144 days ago
together on the couch, before i have a casting in a few min..
after that at 12pm i have a set at club Space, so if you want to join just
search for space club!

wish you all a great day
Sunday, 11 May 2014
167 days ago
planning a wedding from me and my babe! everything is almost arranged, in
just a hour or so!

now only the cards, the dresses!

can't wait for it will happen ♥
Saturday, 3 May 2014
175 days ago
Party with my babe, Xsennie and her mysterious boy! hehehe

Much fun here!!
Wednesday, 23 Apr 2014
185 days ago
Teleport back
me and my babe are back on sl, just to look sometimes here and party and
ofc shopping.

so hi everybody!
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  •  xsendra
    heyy chica .... sending you a big hugg overthere
    Apr 23 at 10:18pm
  •  chicagirl
    Goodmorning xsen..sending u a big hug back. Have a nice day xoxox
    Apr 23 at 10:48pm
    welcome back chicaa! & emm ik weet je sl naam nie! xD!! .. party all night long and getting drunky huh ;-)
    Apr 24 at 12:51am
  •  chicagirl
    Hahaha thanks girl! Ze naam is Traxer van me vriend..lols..hahaha yes lets stick it with that lools. Xoxo
    Apr 24 at 01:17am
Tuesday, 4 Mar 2014
235 days ago
my last
my last
day here on sl.

i am leaving sl today for rl. i will come back in some time maybe, but my
rl needs his priority more.
Thank god i have my sl man also in rl and we will spend our time there now

So i wish you all a great time here on sl, just make fun and laugh :)
    Heeeel goed meissie ben blij dat je zo mooi leventje daar hebt en gelukkig bent en ben bly je te mogen volgen rl wens ej al t beste ne goed toe in rl ook voor je vriendje en je pracht zoon xoxooxox
    Mar 4 at 12:55pm
  •  chicagirl
    dankjewel meissie! dat zal zeker wel lukken! rl gaat vor mij voor, ookal heb ik hem in sl tis niet hetzelfde. Dus nu lekker gaan genieten nu alles de goeie kant op gaat! en we kenne elkaar nog altijd spreken op skype/facebook! xoxoxox
    Mar 4 at 12:58pm
Sunday, 2 Feb 2014
265 days ago
enjoy our time together..
at our new home with my love ♥
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  •  xsendra
    Always nice to see this ... enjoy every minute of it chica ... and hope to speak you soon again .. hugsss ♥.
    Feb 3 at 02:14am
  •  lisette.bashly
    How nice:) enjoy all darling:)) hugsssssssssssssssss xoxoxox
    Feb 3 at 05:03am
  •  chicagirl
    i am for sure enjoying it, thank god i have him in rl also haha. hope to speak you also soon xsen its been a long time ago huggiess ♥
    Feb 3 at 09:10am
  •  chicagirl
    i will liss.. wish you a great day huggiesssss xoxox
    Feb 3 at 09:11am
Sunday, 1 Dec 2013
328 days ago
to get some sleep,
worked 4 hours today!
needed to miss my baby today but i will see him soon again.

wish you all a great night!

Monday, 28 Oct 2013
362 days ago
is a party!!!

Rene, Herc, Me, Lil, Dee, Skwibbie, Haven and Rickness. HAVING FUN YAAY
362 days ago
Sunday, 27 Oct 2013
363 days ago
to close a chapter in my life,
soon our land will be gone.
i will miss it i will miss the times me and pascal shared here, but it is
better this way.

i will live with my granny soon, she is so sweet to take care of me!

I will always keep the memories close to my heart♥
3 days left and then bye bye land.

And now for everybody i wish you all a good night and sweet dreams.

huggies and xoxox
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  •  delaly.zehetbauer
    You told me to go enjoy, and now I say it to you, go enjoy hun, and yes it is a difficult time for you, but everthing will be okey. Sleep well kisses and hugs
    Oct 27 at 06:22pm
  •  chicagirl
    We girls can do it without boys haha. Ans yeah i will make fun and so do you need to do. Just fun and relax. Flirt but not too much. Beeing single is good you can do whatever you want lol. Hugsss and kisses hun
    Oct 28 at 01:54am
  •  lisette.bashly
    Morning Chica, pity it didn't work out for you with your BF....better or not, it always hurts....hope you slept well darling and i hope better times will come! Hugsssssss xoxoxox:)
    Oct 28 at 02:08am
  •  chicagirl
    Morning Liss. Yeah it is true but after 3/4 weeks you can deal with it more when he dont come. And i have my granny now so gonna live with her. And i slept good hope you did too. And ofc better times will xome just be positive and everything will work out. Hugssss xoxox
    Oct 28 at 02:23am
Wednesday, 23 Oct 2013
1 year ago
with auntie and granny on the music of mika!
thanks guys for beeing there for me♥

i made a choise to be single again, after weeks not hearing anything of
him, so this is better.

wish you all a nice evening
Sunday, 20 Oct 2013
1 year ago
a nice sunday all..
Friday, 18 Oct 2013
1 year ago
into my eyes,
you see the pain?

i made a choise tonight... and that is that i will not be much online
anymore,, only in the evenings some hours and it will be less...

sl should be a fun game, but it starting to be a dramagame...i am starting
to have enough..
i make trouble with people who i don't want to fight with..
but everything will be alright.. i just need this for a while..

need to get my records straight and figure things out..

wish you all a nice weekend and a good night sleep
Thursday, 17 Oct 2013
1 year ago
granny and me!

partying at Dreamers
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