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08:46 PM
Monday, 21 Feb 2011
4 year ago
4 year ago
4 year ago
Teleport Free Ladies Shoes
I have never met a woman who does not want more shoes ... Lol
Sunday, 13 Feb 2011
4 year ago
Teleport My Falcon
He hunts for me, an old friend ... We are a team ..
Tuesday, 8 Feb 2011
4 year ago
Home Defence
Modern life can be dangerous. It pays to be prepared
Monday, 7 Feb 2011
4 year ago
Teleport Easy Riding
There is nothing more relaxing than a big cruiser bike, drifting along, the
engine barely ticking over .. But knowing that if you twist the throttle
you enter a different world ..
4 year ago
Teleport Biking
Offroad biking .. Happy memories ...
Tuesday, 12 Oct 2010
5 year ago
I am thinking of you Chanel, Terryjean, Rose, Beatrice, Petrov, Carmine and Jos .. And I am sending my love …
5 year ago
Sometimes you meet someone, you like them, spend time with them and find
you have things in common. You grow to know each other, to trust each other
and eventually you become friends …
Occasionally, very occasionally you may meet someone and you know within
minutes that there is a link, that you share something, a view, an outlook,
and you know that you are already friends …
And rarely, very very rarely, you may meet a group of people … A group of
people who welcome you and make you feel at home with them … And you
realise that suddenly you have a whole group of new friends, a whole group
of people you care about.
I am sending my thoughts, my wishes and my love to you Natalie
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  •  terryjean.trevellion
    Such intelligent analysis, Dougers;) never thought of that, in my profile is a songline; i do what do, and don't ask why.....
    Oct 13 at 03:15am
  •  chanel.chajet
    Dear lovely friend, once I met Nanie the same way as I met you, thanks for your concern, kisses from Cha;)
    Oct 13 at 03:35am
  •  rose.glanz
    Dear Dougers,.... you are right, the group of Terryjean is a very special group who do care for each other. I know why,... the leader of our group is very intelligent, caring for others, paying money out of her own pocket , creating beautiful sims, with an idea behind it, to give HER people of her group a home. always willing to keep the good people around her. Other groups with a creator who is thinking commercial, not thinking in the way our sims owner is doing , will never achieve what we have.
    Oct 13 at 08:57am
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