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  •  kinkiedesire
    movie time!!!!
    Searching for a movie..and this handsome guy too....hope it is a good

    who got the popcorn???
    •  chanel.chajet
      or a good guy;)
      Dec 10 2011 at 09:57am
    •  kinkiedesire
      both...had a good start but crashed :((((
      Dec 14 2011 at 01:26pm
  •  kinkiedesire
    OK I have been away for a bit...but lets try this a new clothes...soooo yyeeeehhaaaaa
  •  kinkiedesire
    Lar's House
    Another lovely place. Adult sim with great live music
  •  kinkiedesire
    Good day!!
    I am back at house of V. Some great music going on and funny people
    around. Had some good laughs today..A good way to start the day.

    I wish you all a good day
  •  kinkiedesire
    House of V
    A place where you feel welcome at ones. Nice people.

    A nice location to explore the D/s lifestile
  •  kinkiedesire
    My first step
    I am here on SL to explore the world of D/s.

    It is new to me, but always been interested in it.

    I will take my time in experiencing this fascinating world and in searching
    a good, respectful and warm Dom.

    Keep my blog link so we can catch up on things..and i will tell you my
      welkom xD
      Nov 20 2011 at 02:45pm