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An emancipated, observing, noncomformistic woman, created sims based on stories of reality, together with my Rose, a loyal team of Palazzo members, effording for a commonwealth of SL on http://www.flickr.com/photos/terryjeantrevellion/
03:00 PM
Tuesday, 21 Jun 2011
6 year ago
During abandon land operation

During abandon land operation

[04:20] natalie Migpalion: ja ik moet zo naar fisio wacht even dat alicia
klaar is met opmaken lol (Yes, I must wait for Fisio that alicia finished
drawing lol)
[04:20] Rose's great love (terryjean.trevellion): ja (and)
[04:21] natalie Migpalion: ik bn weer betje bijgekomen terry (adj nurse
again I joined Terry)
[04:22] Rose's great love (terryjean.trevellion): mooi schat (great
[04:22] natalie Migpalion: ja he vind ik ook (hey yes I agree)
[04:22] Rose's great love (terryjean.trevellion): ben blij voor je ('m
happy for you)
[04:23] natalie Migpalion: ik ga nou terry voor alicia boos woord grapje
(I'm now angry alicia terry for pun)
[04:23] natalie Migpalion: dag liefje kkz
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